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Mrs S McKenna on CHILCOTT
My G/mother was a Chilcott , one of 10 children. They lived in Exter for part of their life.. Before that her G/father a Chilcott was a Farmer at Chilcotts Farm . [...]
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Nicole Skym on SKYM
Origination: Wales
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John Ashdown on ASHDOWN
I was always my surname ASHDOWN meant 'the people who lived in or near the Ashdown forest'.This stretched from Sussex and down to parts of Kent John Ashdown
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anon on DEKEYREL
DeKeyrel is Belgian, from the Flanders region.
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Anne Ross on MARWICK
Marwick is a Viking name found almost exclusively in Orkney and Shetland. It is neither Celtic nor Christian in origin, as it was brought by Pagan Norsemen. You [...]
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It is originally a Greek surname, from 'prokop' which means keen on learning, developing. Now it's commonly used in Russia and also a bit seen in Poland. This name is [...]

anon on DANIEL
This interesting surname derives ultimately from the Hebrew male personal name "Daniel", which means "God is my judge", and was born by one of the most important prophets in the Bible. The [...]
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Glen Deas on DEAS
I have read that "Deas" is a Gaelic word for "south" or "southerly wind". Some in the US pronounce it "days" while others pronounce it "deez".The main "days" clan were [...]
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Bolitho is from Cornish language not the English language. It means "dwelling with dairies"
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Steven L. Akins of that Ilk on AKINS
The surname Akins is a Scottish and northern Irish family name generally considered to be a variant of Aikens, which is assumed to be a patronymic form of the name [...]
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